"What I love most about Brooke is her tenacity and ambition. Brooke is an anomaly in the best way possible. Before 25 she was running her own six-figure business and if that isn’t inspiring, I’m not sure what is. I could not be prouder to call her a friend, mentor, business collegue, etc. Hiring her is without a doubt a smart move!"

- Ashley Price


"Brooke is so knowledgeable, gets straight to the point, and I would sign up to work with her again in a heartbeat! I’ve raised my prices and doubled how many clients I have! I am more confident in myself and my business and think everyone should work with Brooke!"

- Care Mastin

Business Coach

"Brooke has an energy and keen understanding that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in any other business coach. She’s quick about getting to the root of issues you may be experiencing as an entrepreneur and addressing them head on. I recently had a 1:1 call with her, and within the first 20 minutes, she had completely shattered the mental strongholds I placed on myself that had been lingering around for YEARS. It’s amazing what a new mindset can mean for your business, and Brooke has the know-how, tools and resources to help you get confident, successful and fully booked in no time! Very happy to have Brooke on my side!"

- Tammy Riley


"Working with Brooke over the last few weeks has been SO transformational for my mindset and business income! When we started together, I was operating from a place of fear and lacked confidence. Brooke is amazing at helping you to see your own strengths and she has helped me to do the inner work that I was avoiding to this point. Now I can see the results taking place! In this current month alone, I have been able to sign 5 new clients – 2 high ticket clients and secure £10K ($13,900) in sales! We are only two weeks into the month! Brooke has helped me to view sales as serving and appreciate my value so much more! I have never been SO excited to share my offers to help as many people! Thank you Brooke!"

- Nicola Peters

Online Business Manager

"When I found Brooke, I really had no intention of signing up because I couldn’t afford another program, however Brooke showed me so much love and understanding and had an offer I couldn’t resist that I could afford! Brooke partners with you, is responsive, caring, kind, forward and says exactly what you need to hear. She takes the extra time to reach out to celebrate joys and wins as well as to support you in times of struggle. She very quickly saw my blind spot, brought it to the light and things have changed so quickly. Since working with Brooke (3 weeks now), I’ve booked 5 sales calls, after a period of 8 months of NO CALLS. I am becoming more comfortable with “asking for the sale” and owning my identify as an entrepreneur. She will love you and your business as much as her own and will do whatever she can to help you succeed. Very grateful I stopped for the ad and to have Brooke in my corner!"

- Tami Sasson

Life Coach

"I hired Brooke because I wanted a mentor that had practical experience scaling her business successfully, was happy, super smart and serviced based! I’ve been working with Brooke for a month now and I’m impressed and humbled by how she shows up daily, is genuinely interested in me and gives me practical strategies to streamline my business. I love how she’s helping me simplify and free up my time by creating simple systems in my business. AND I love her infectious enthusiasm for life! In the first two weeks of working together, I made $6K! We also have a whole business plan on what the next 12 months will look like and strategies to get there…its so exciting! Brooke has changed how I view the coaching industry. She shows up heart aligned and puts huge value and integrity in how she shows up and serves her clients. She’s restored my faith in what it looks like to be a heart centered coach that operates from an authentic place! If you’re really ready to own your business and what you have to offer, call Brooke! You better be ready to level up your game!"

- Kristine Troesch

Transformation Strategist

"Brooke helped me create goals in my business that were comfortable and attainable while encouraging and fostering a growth mindset! She really is gifted and passionate to help women make their professional goals a reality!"

- Christina Bosworth

Life Coach & RN

"I cannot say enough good things about Brooke and how amazing she is. Before I met her, I was super confused, lost, and I didn’t know how to run a business. Within 2 weeks of working with her, I had made more progress than I had the 5 months when I was doing it on my own. Fast forward to now and I’ve signed my first clients and am on my way to 6 figures my first year in business! I am so excited where my business is headed and I have to thank Brooke!"

- Ashley Smith

Social Media Coach

"After making a connection via email, I knew was going to work with Brooke. I admired the fact that Brooke took the time to make a connection with me, was genuine and honest. 

In just one coaching call with Brooke, Brooke saw exactly what I needed and helped me push my mindset to “being” rather than “doing”. Brooke helped me gain such pinpoint clarity, identify that missing piece, and jolt myself forward.
 Since our call (less than 2 weeks go), I have already made huge gains – strong clarity in my sales page copy, proper productivity habits, and more! Brooke even celebrated my recent wins with me with encouraging words and great feedback. Because of Brooke, I am going into my pre-launch sales week being a successful entrepreneur!"

- Raphaele Wagner

Not a Momma, LLC.

"Brooke has really helped me when it comes to mindset and pricing. Deciding on a pricing structure and knowing your worth is a huge business obstacle. With Brooke’s help I was able to overcome both of these challenges. I have been able to appeal to my ideal clients and charge more for my services. I found that my ideal clients are now referring other ideal clients, and so my sales have increased as a result."

- Laura Coddington

Graphic Designer

"Brooke is an amazing coach Any time I’ve doubted myself, she’s been there and has completely flipped my perspective and consistently calls me out when I’m playing small. With her by my side, I feel like there is no limit to the impact I can make with my business. I would not have made it to consistent 5 figure months without her help."

- Sara J. Loureiro

Certified Business Coach

"Through working with Brooke, I signed my first two clients. Brooke helped me get clear on where my value is, who I want to work with, and how to connect with those people. Brooke’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious as are her genuine excitement and confidence in people’s ability to make a difference. Brooke communicates her ideas clearly and is well organized, which I appreciate, but has fun doing it!"

- Sara Susov

Stepmom Coach & Mindset Mentor

"I connected with Brooke on Facebook and was drawn to work with her because of her experience and background and let me just say, it has been wonderful and enjoyable working with her. The eye-opening clarity I have gained in my business has been huge. I would encourage everyone to sign up to work with Brooke…she is the most caring coach and knows just what to ask to coach her clients towards growth and understanding!"

-Rachel Mueller

Health Coach

"Brooke has been so helpful with teaching me how to quickly get my business organized and on the way to six figures plus in no time. Working with Brooke helped me to get crystal clear on what I needed to focus on in my service based business currently. In just one session, Brooke knew immediately what specific strategies I could use for my service based business in order to attract more people into my community. And, since meeting with Brooke, I am already noticing an increase in my community with people who are potential clients."

-Katherine Phifer

Love Coach

"If you ever have a chance to work with Brooke, do it! I signed up for a session one day…literally one of the best decisions of my life! With her background in therapy she was amazing at listening to my heart and helping me to vocalize what it is that I really wanted. She brought a grounded presence to help me explore what is holding me back and energized me to go for my dreams. After just one session with Brooke, I signed my first client! She made me realize my worth and gave me the extra strength to go for it. I so appreciate Brooke and all she gives her clients she honestly cares about the people she works with wants them to succeed! Seriously what are you waiting for?!?"

-Kahley Blankenship

Life Coach & Blogger

"I felt an instant connection to Brooke, when we had our chat & hired her as my coach on the spot. I knew that her coaching was what I needed in my life to uplevel my business. She is extremely genuine, honest and understanding. Every time I hop on a call, I leave feeling motivated. Since I started working with Brooke, I have grown my Facebook group, business page, have a better understanding of how to reach my financial goals and have the clarity I needed to reach limits I never knew I could!! I feel so blessed to have found a coach who just gets me."

-Krissy Ferreira

Mindset Coach

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