10 Work-Life Balance Secrets to Help Entrepreneurs

You deserve to have a business that is built around your life, not the other way around.

Seriously, think about it – when you started your business (or maybe you haven’t even started it yet but are thinking about it), what drew you to the world of entrepreneurship? Why did you want to start your own business? I’m going to take a lucky guess that one of the reasons is because you wanted more freedom in your life.

You want to be able to travel whenever you choose without having to request time off.

You want to be able to get a full 8 hours of sleep every night.

You want to be able to schedule doctors appointments, go to family events, etc. with no worries about scheduling conflicts.


And you want to make a difference while doing it.

Work-Life Balance Secrets are Needed to Reconnect with our “WHY”

10 Work-Life Balance Secrets to Help Entrepreneurs

This is the vision that so many of us start out with but something happens along the way. We lose that vision and become obsessed with and engulfed in our businesses. We forget what a work-life balance is and spend our entire days building our businesses. We worry that if we don’t work, the work won’t get done and our business will fail. While the hustling might be great for a hot second, it holds us back from accomplishing what we set out to do in the first place – create a business that works around our lives!!

It is important that we give ourselves space to reconnect with our “WHY”.

So to help you get there, here are my top 10 tips to help you achieve work life balance. You can have that 6 figure business while also having time to take your pup to the park and snuggle on the couch with your family in the evenings!

10 Work-Life Balance Secrets to Help Entrepreneurs

1. Challenge Your Beliefs!

So often, we have beliefs that hold us back in our lives and our businesses. How many times have you thought “I can’t afford to invest…I’ll wait until my business is making more money and then I will take that next step”? Give yourself space to challenge this thought…if you are unwilling to do what it takes to invest in yourself and your business, how can you ask your clients to invest?

We must lead by example. How can YOU challenge the belief that you can’t afford something today?

I’d also be willing to bet that every single person reading this has struggled to stop working due to fear. This belief holds us back from living our lives and prevents us from creating sustainable practices in our businesses. I encourage you to challenge this belief.

Give yourself a daily time to disconnect. Push through the urges to work during that time and allow yourself to simply be.

2. Outsource!

There are only 24 hours in a day and let’s be honest…we have a LOT we need to fit into those 24 hours! We have work to do for our businesses, relationships in our personal lives to tend to, responsibilities and to-do’s, AND we also need to take care of ourselves! It is so incredibly important that we identify the activities in our businesses that we do not have time for.

What are the activities that you do not enjoy doing or simply do not have time for?

Those are the tasks that you can let go of and outsource to someone who can do it for you. It is crucial to let go of control and allow people to support us in our businesses!

3. Practice self-care every single day!

There are so many things we have to do every day, and taking care of yourself deserves to be at the top of that list. It is so easy to move our self-care to the bottom of the to-do list because business calls, family calls, and every other responsibility calls.

It is so important to remember that we cannot pour from an empty glass and for that reason, we must fill our glasses first.

We cannot show up for our clients, our families, and our friends if we do not show up for ourselves first. So take that nap. Take that yoga (or CrossFit…) class.

4. Do things that make you money!

It is so easy as an entrepreneur to want to do everything. We see other entrepreneurs being active on Facebook. We hear about how powerful Instagram can be. We enjoy spending time on Pinterest and wonder how we can spread our business to reach that network as well. We create freebies. We create low cost offers. We create high cost offers. It is SO important to take a step back and stop trying to do “all the things”.

Look at what it is that you are doing in your business that is a genuine money making activity.

THAT is where you need to focus your energy. You can always add more to your business later but when you are trying to find that balance, it is important to reduce the amount of things you have on your plate!

5. Create set times to shut down and be present!

Whether you have technology-free meals, weekly family game night, or disconnected days of the week, it is imperative to have these boundaries set in place.

Boundaries such as these ones prevent us from becoming workaholics and burning out.

It is so important to stay connected to our “WHY”, which I’m going to guess has something to do with having more freedom in your life. So give yourself times each week (or in my case, each day) to be free from all responsibilities and enjoy your life.

6. Give yourself business hours/work schedule (hard stop)!

One of the beautiful things about being an entrepreneur is we have the freedom to create our own hours; however, with freedom comes responsibility! We need to be intentional about setting our working hours so that they do not consume our lives. Identify hard start and stop times. Maybe you enjoy having coffee with your husband every morning before work but haven’t done that since starting your business full time. Or maybe you used to watch TV each night with your family each evening but haven’t had the chance since your business became more demanding.

Think about the things you would like to incorporate (back) into your daily life and create your business hours around that. For example, I have a hard stop time of 7:30pm Monday through Thursday so that I can have dinner with my partner and relax together. I don’t work at all most weekends!

What are YOUR hard start and hard stop times?!

7. Stop comparing!

There is no one else like you. There is no other business like yours.

There is no one who does what you do, provides the transformation you provide, or thinks the way you do.

It is so imperative that we keep in mind WE ARE UNIQUE and our businesses are unique. We cannot compare ourselves and our businesses to others. Just because an entrepreneur you follow makes more money, has more clients, or has grown her business faster than you does not mean you and your business are not good enough. Don’t waste time comparing yourself to others. Focus on the things you have control over – your own path!

8. Connect in your community!

As online entrepreneurs, we spend a lot of time behind our computers.

How can you give yourself space to become involved in your community?

Maybe you volunteer at a local organization. Maybe you start taking your baby to a local Mommy & Me class. Maybe you go to a young professionals event. Whatever excites you, find a way to participate in that and make it a part of your routine! Your life will become richer because of it.

9. Make a list each morning of the top 3 things you need to accomplish for it to be a successful day!

Between our businesses, families, jobs, relationships, and personal responsibilities, we each have 438290482349023 things we need to do each day! It can be easy to fall into the cycle of wanting to hustle and grind through the list, right? But let’s be honest – that list is never ending! We take one thing off and add 2 more. So often, we get frustrated when we don’t finish the list at the end of the day, so what do we do? We feel as if we were unproductive and we spend the remainder of the day working, ultimately ignoring our families and self-care time. For this reason, we need to be intentional from the moment we wake up.

Identify 3 things that must get done that day in order for it to be a successful day.

No more, no less. These items can vary from business-related tasks to taking a nap!

10. Give yourself what you need!

There are so many people who are going to ask you for help, to invest, to go out, and so much more. Listen to your body. Ask yourself what YOU need and don’t be afraid to ask for it! If you need to stay in but your friends are going out, that’s OKAY. If you need to sleep an extra hour, that’s OKAY. If you’re not sure how you can afford to work with a coach but your heart is telling you to take the leap of faith, DO IT.

Listen to what YOU want and need and be prepared to get it!

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