Business Growth with Vulnerability

“When we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”

Nelson Mandela got it right when he discussed the importance of refusing to play small and being authentically you.

What does it mean to be authentic?

It means being true to yourself. Speaking openly from your heart without fear. Sharing what is honestly on your mind.

It means being true and rooted in your beliefs and values, allowing them to manifest in your daily life and business practices.

It means always seeking new discoveries, yearning for growth, and being authentically you. In the wise words of Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”.

When we live a life that includes these facets, we allow our lives to be richer.

Business Growth with Vulnerability

Our businesses are meaningful.

Your careers are fulfilling.

Our relationships are deeper.

Your conversations are substantial.

As you can tell, being authentic is a necessary part of having a happy life and business but unfortunately, it is something that is lacking so much in this space. As entrepreneurs, we can fall into the habit of not being real. Think about it…

Have you ever worried that if you’re too honest or vulnerable, it will deter your ideal clients?

Have you ever seen an offer that other coaches have created, thinking it was awesome and wanting to create something similar? Bet you have!

Have you ever shared content because it’s what you think people will want to hear rather than what you really want to be putting out there?

So let’s break the mold!

Be Vulnerable

I lead by example. I cannot help my clients be authentic if I am not authentic first. This is something that makes me different in this space. This is what makes me the kick ass coach that I am and what allows me to call in my clients who are ready to be authentic and real. And THESE are the people I love to serve.

So let ME lead by example and show you some vulnerability.

My first group coaching program sold 0 spots. Yep, you read that correctly. 0. Spots. Sold. I spent countless hours preparing the content and developing the program. I launched the group and didn’t get a single client signed up.

I’m going to be honest…it sucked big time. Internally crushed.

I wondered if I had what it takes to succeed in the online coaching industry.

I wallowed in this mindset for a hot minute and then…

Allowed myself to learn from this experience and reach out to my coach and my community for support and clarity. I picked myself up from my bootstraps and reminded myself of my value and worth. I learned from my errors and eventually prepared for my next launch.

Oh yeah by the way, that next group coaching program that I launched sold out in 48 hours.

And now, I’m in the process of creating the biggest program to date that is expected to fill up within the first week.

Business Growth with Vulnerability, I learned my lesson

Had I not been vulnerable with my coach and community, I wouldn’t have given myself the space to learn and grow, ultimately setting me up for massive success in my business. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to serve the amazing clients I’ve worked with to date and I wouldn’t have the opportunity I have right now to pour my heart into my dream program for my dream clients (deets coming soon!!).

And as you continue being the awesome boss babe that runs a business full-time while also staying true to your various roles, I encourage you to always strive to keep in mind the lessons we’ve talked about today.

Be genuine, Be vulnerable, Be honest, Be YOU.