3 Tips to Grow Your Business and Make More Sales Through Instagram

Instagram is one of my favorite platforms to meet and connect with fellow entrepreneurs and of course, grow my business. I have made tens of thousands of dollars over the last 12 months from the platform alone! How do I do it you may ask? Let me share with you my top 3 tips for growing an engaged instagram following full of ideal clients (who love to buy from you)!

1. Shake Their Hand

Social media is meant to be a way to connect…hence the title SOCIAL media! We want to make sure we’re using the platform as a handshake or a meet and greet. You probably wouldn’t walk up to a random person you’ve never met and start selling your services to them, right? Instagram is the same. Use it as an opportunity to connect with your audience, introduce yourself, and build the know, like and trust factors. Don’t only share about your business…share about your life too! Virtually shake people’s hands. And you want to make your goal to get people OFF of the platform and get them onto your email list. Sounds counterproductive, right? If I’m building a community on instagram, why would I want to take them OFF of instagram?Here’s the deal…even though we control the content that is shared on our instagram, we don’t own it. We simply have an account on a platform that someone else owns. Since we aren’t in charge of the platform, it can change at any moment or could even disappear. Instagram has the right to delete any profile it wants. If you are running your business exclusively on social media, you are running your business in a way that could disappear at any moment. That is not good or sustainable!!!! So invite people to connect with you even more outside of instagram and join your email list​

2. Invite Your Audience to ACT

Every single post you share should have a call-to-action. Let’s talk about why. Think about what you do when you click onto instagram…chances are, you open the app, and scroll. And scroll some more. You look at pictures, you scroll, you read what people have to say and then you keep scrolling. We want to teach your audience to STOP on your content. To break the cycle they usually fall into when they log onto instagram. Inviting your audience to engage with your content is retraining them to connect rather than scroll aimlessly. This is going to help them learn more from your content and get excited when they see it!!!There is no set call-to-action that I recommend using on every post. In fact, it is good to switch it up with each post. With that being said, it is a great start to invite people to double tap if they agree or drop you a comment with thoughts/feelings/questions. Once you start noticing results with those two calls-to-action, it is also great to also invite people to take an additional step, like click the link in my bio to read my most recent blog OR click the link in my bio to sign up for my free download. Of course you’re going to need to keep the link in your bio current with whatever link you’re telling them will be there.​

3. Engage!!!

It is not enough to share posts with amazing captions, photos, and hashtags. You need to be consistent and engage as well. As you know, business is all about relationships and being successful on instagram is no different. Engaging and connecting is just as important, if not more important, than the posts themselves. It is imperative to engage with your current audience as well as the people who make up your ideal audience. I recommend spending about 30 minutes each day on instagram doing nothing but engaging. Make sure during that time, you are responding to the people who comment on your posts, show some love on their content, and engage with posts that have hashtags your ideal clients are using.