10 Ways to Sign a Client TODAY

We’ve all heard the lines about how if ya don’t have clients, you just have an expensive side hobby. Well, it’s one thing to say that and it’s another thing to actually talk about how you can get those clients!!! If you know me, you know I geek out over helping my clients get clients and ultimately get fully booked…so let’s dive into 10 different ways that you can sign your next client TODAY!!!

1. Share a post on social media with your story and invite them to sign up for your services at the end.

People buy from people they know, like, and trust. By sharing your story, you invite people into your world, making them much more likely to sign up to work with you! So get vulnerable and share your story! No filter 😉 

2. Post an IG story discussing your offer with the question sticker.

Instagram is pushing stories right now so why not take advantage of the algorithm 😉 Invite your viewers to engage with you by putting the question sticker and ask them if they’d like more information on your services. For every person who answers the sticker question, send them a DM to connect and share more info with them! 

3. Offer free value on social media (share stories, tips, etc.) and discuss your services at the end. 

When you lead with value, it gives your audience a small taste of what working with you can do for them. This will make them more eager and excited to sign up to work with you!!

4. Share a win from a client in your program and then invite readers to sign up too!

Sharing wins invites your potential clients to see themselves in your clients, bringing them one step closer to signing up to work with you! 

5. Connect with members in a Facebook group by engaging + then make a post sharing your offer.

Why not leverage an audience that already exists?! Pop into a facebook group, build some connections, and then invite the members to work with you! Make sure the group you choose is one that is targeted + filled with ideal clients. If you’re a life coach for new moms, it’s not going to help ya to pop into a group filled with college students!! 

6. Go live to share value and then invite viewers to sign up for your services at the end! 

Live videos are great ways to connect with your audience in a deeper way than written content. Pro tip – use the live to teach on something specific that you dive deeper into in your program! Once you’ve finished the value portion of your live, invite viewers to work with you! 

7. Send out one of your favorite posts as an email.

I’m all about repurposing!!! Grab a post that you’ve shared to social media that you loved + that got great engagement and send it out to your email list! Don’t forget to include a call-to-action to work with you in the email! 

8. Offer your community a fast action bonus if they’re the next person to sign up for your offer!

By providing a fast action bonus, you’re inviting potential clients to get off the fence and take action. Fast action bonuses can be discounts, included extras (additional coaching calls, access to an exclusive feature, etc.)

9. Send the following email to your list…

Subject: quick q


FIRSTNAME – would you like my help __________________??? (insert what you help your clients with

– Your Name 

The brevity of this email will grab your peoples’ attention and will also pique their curiosity!  

10. Follow up with people who have expressed interest in the past

There are always people in your audience who are interested in working with you but are waiting for the right time. Find them by connecting with people who have expressed interest in the past but didn’t pull the trigger. Here’s a quick example of how to start the conversation:

Hey FIRSTNAME! I just wanted to check back in to see if you’re still thinking about working together! Would love to chat about it if you are 🙂

Want more info about how I can help you sign more clients + get fully booked? DM me the word “EASE” on Instagram and let’s chat!