Service Centered Business

A business based on anything but service in this day and age is not sustainable.

Service Centered Business is the way to go to be successful!

If you’ve heard me say it once you’ve heard it a thousand times, you did not get into business to become an instant millionaire. 

If you did, you’re in a world of trouble.

A business based on anything but service in this day and age is not sustainable. Consumers are smarter than ever and can see right through those sleazy car salesman tactics. While I haven’t been engaging in the car salesman mentality, I am making some changes here to the types of things you see because at the end of the day, you’re in the driver’s seat and I’m here to serve you, with my Service Centered Business. 

I’m betting I’m like you.

I got into business to serve and help others and I’m thinking you did as well. This is exactly why things are changing around here. 

Moving forward every blog post and live stream will feel like a masterclass. I’m here to serve you. I want you to be able to walk away every single week with actionable steps you can take to move forward in your business.

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So let’s discuss how to have a Service Centered Business. 

1. Empathy

Call me crazy but you need to have empathy for your clients and their situation. When you’ve done the ideal client mapping, it’s imperative you get in their head and really understand what they’re experiencing. 

When you can understand what they are going through, what the struggle is, where they want to go and what scares them, you can really serve them. You can have meaningful, heart-centered conversations with your ideal client that has an impact on them when you get into their space.

Spend some time at least once a quarter chatting with ideal clients. Ask them questions, ask them what scares them, ask them what they need, ask them what they struggle with, and ask about where they want to go in life. Don’t hesitate to get deep because that’s where the real magic happens.

2. Purposeful

When creating a service centered business, it needs to be purposeful. Yes, every business has a purpose, but is your business aligned with your goals? Is your business aligned with exactly what you want? 

But wait Brooke, we’re talking about serving others so why are you talking about me?

Good question. When you’re not aligned in your business and really operating from your purpose, you cannot serve clients at your highest capacity.

In order to operate from a service centered place effectively, you need to really feel your purpose. When you’re serving from a natural place of your purpose, you get excited. When you get excited amazing things come from you and the person who benefits the most is that dream client of yours.

3. Problems

It is imperative you understand the problem. No one buys coaching, they buy a solution to a problem. So what problem are you solving? What unmet need does your dream client have? How can you help them? 

It’s all about being able to help your ideal client. If you don’t know what the problem is, you can’t solve it.

When creating any piece of content, program, offering, etc. you need to be conscious of solving a problem. People aren’t buying sessions with you or modules. They buy results. They buy solutions so what solutions can you offer?

4. Experiences

What sort of experiences are you giving your ideal client? Every interaction from the first ad to after the sale, your potential client is having an experience with you. What is that experience like? Are they being with a hard sell that doesn’t feel personal or are they meeting someone who is heart centered and focused on helping them solve an issue? 

Every single interaction will help potential clients formulate an opinion on you. Every ad they see and every freebie they download. It all makes an impact. Being aware of the buyer’s journey is crucial to the success of your business. 

Map out what an ideal client’s journey to finding you and then signing to work with you and the aftercare looks like. Please remember though that just because you have a freebie at the top of your funnel run via a Facebook ad, does not mean that is where every ideal client will first see you. Maybe they’ll first see you on Instagram or a pin of yours on Pinterest.

Every piece of the experience needs to be one that feels inviting and service lead.

5. Open Lines of Communication

Running a service based business means you need open lines of communication. This is a two way street. You have to be willing to take feedback from your audience all the time. Let them tell you what they need and be willing to give it to them, as long as it fits into your business model.

Sometimes when we get into business, we lose sight of why we started and that’s usually to serve people. Somehow marketing and sales takeover and we lose our purpose but when we operate from a place of servitude, I promise you’ll have a business that thrives. Those who truly serve their audience, will be the ones that are sustainable, scalable and successful. You have to decide if you’re playing a long game in business or if this is temporary. If you’re ready for long-term success, it’s time to start your service centered business.

Service Centered Business is the way to go to be successful!

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