Why Relationships Are Crucial in Business

Raise your hand if you have ever been added to a Facebook Group without your consent.

I’m willing to bet your hand is raised. Unfortunately, we’ve all been added to Facebook Groups without our consent, and it just feels icky. So why do people keep doing it?

The reason it feels so gross is that it makes you feel like just a number or a potential sale. While we do all need to make money for our business to survive, we need to do so authentically. It takes more time, but I promise it’s always worth the effort.

Building relationships are what has dreamy clients coming to you, willing to pay (in full might I add), help you find your business best friend, get those coveted recommendations and become a sought-after expert in your industry.

When we add people to groups without their consent, we develop a reputation, and it’s not one you want to have, I promise.

It sounds so easy to say build relationships, but it’s something easily overlooked by many business owners. 

Why is that? It’s because it takes time. It takes effort. It’s not a natural process. Sales aren’t instantaneous. In a world of instant gratification, building relationships aren’t incredibly high on the priority list because it doesn’t always yield results immediately.

When going into relationship building, you need to drop expectations. You do not reach out and connect with the intent to sell. I’m 99% sure you went into business to help people, yet the minute we become business owners, sales take over our lives. When our grocery and light bill are dependent upon us alone, we tend to go into this fight or flight mode. We need to make sales quickly and anything that doesn’t move the checking account forward, isn’t worth our time, right?

Remember the reason you went into business. The goal is to help people. We start helping by talking and connecting with people.

These are a few reason’s why relationships are crucial in business.

The Business Best Friend

Why Relationships Are Crucial in BusinessThis is your right-hand woman. Have you ever tried to talk to non-entrepreneur friends about your day? Told them you were working on a sales funnel and they just looked at you like you had four heads. Your business bestie will be the one to understand. She’ll be the one who gets it. She’ll be there when you’re stressed, pivoting in business, able to offer you guidance, etc.Look for a business bestie because I promise you’ll need her. She’ll help keep you sane when you’re stressed, be the perfect shoulder to cry on, really understand those milestones you celebrate and more! 

Start connecting with the women in your Facebook groups. Build meaningful relationships with them, and you’ll find your business best friend.

The Coach

Why Relationships Are Crucial in BusinessEveryone needs a coach.Every entrepreneur needs a business coach.

I know it seems like this only seems to happen in the online business world, but I promise the restaurateur in your neighborhood probably has a mentor and a coach. There’s a reason the coaching profession exists. It’s because it’s vital to have someone ahead of you in business to help along the way. These coaches  will help you develop your business in ways you cannot imagine.

They will be there when something goes awry in your business.

They can offer guidance from experience they’ve had to prevent you from making mistakes.

Coaches will also help you from settling and becoming complacent by pushing you outside of your comfort zone.

If we want to grow, we have to do things we haven’t done before. A good coach will help to push you outside of your comfort zone. They also help you set measurable goals. Sometimes we run our business and just sort of throw numbers out there and a lifestyle, but there’s no real, measurable goal or way to get there. That’s where a coach comes in.

The Client

Why Relationships Are Crucial in BusinessAlong the same lines of having a coach, you deserve to serve clients. You have a unique purpose on this earth and value to share with people who need what you have. There are some significant benefits to being an entrepreneur of service.You make an impact on the world around you.

You change lives.

Bonus: You expand your income and get to live the lifestyle of your dreams.

You grow alongside of your clients. Your life changes as you help to change their lives. You get the satisfaction of changing the world.

Remember how we started our businesses to help people? Never forget that these people are waiting for you. They need to find you so you can serve them in ways they can’t even imagine.

You never know the impact you can make on others until you do it! 

The Competitor

Why Relationships Are Crucial in BusinessStick with me for a second; you need competitors. Not only does it validate your business but it’s a great source of collaboration. When you see a competitor, consider introducing yourself, your services, etc. and learn how you can work together.  Building mutually beneficial relationships with your competitors is an incredible way to grow your business. Not every person you meet will be an excellent fit for your business. Having a Rolodex of people you can refer someone out to is beneficial in more ways than one.When you send competitors business, they’re likely to send clients who may be a fit for you on over. You also build a relationship with that lead. When you tell a potential client that you may not be a good fit and then refer them out, you gain a little more credibility. Instead of accepting every single person who comes your way, you’re treating the lead with respect. You’re letting them know you value them and their desires.

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Start building your relationships today. Start connecting. Start putting in the work. Remember why you started. I promise you’ll be happier when you’re connecting with people genuinely.