My Favorite B Word

I want to talk to you today about my favorite B word...BALANCE!

Balance is an instrumental piece of our happiness. When we are lacking balance in our businesses, we often feel completely out of control BUT the beautiful thing is as soon as we find balance, we find that we feel peaceful, successful, and HAPPY!

Here are a few simple tips to help you start finding balance in your life and your business:

Set goals!

Really sit down and give yourself realistic goals. When we have goals, it gives us something measurable to work towards. What is it that you want to accomplish and who is it that you want to be?

My Favorite B Word

Surround yourself with women who lift you up, empower you, and support you.

One of my favorite quotes is “if you sit in a barber’s shop long enough, you are going to get a haircut” because it is so true. When we surround ourselves with fitness enthusiasts, we find ourselves working out more often. When we surround ourselves with happy people, we eventually become happier. This is so important because we must be intentional with the people we choose to spend time with because it has a huge impact on who we are and who we become. So surround yourself with people who make you feel GOOD.

Give yourself permission to invest in yourself even if you feel guilty in the moment. 

Trust that the guilt will go away and you will be able to reap the benefits!

As over-giving women, it can be hard to put ourselves first and spend money on things we want or need. Fight it. Do it anyway.

Find a coach! 

Find a coach who can pushes you, encourages you, and supports you in your life, your business, your good moments, and your bad ones!

There is something to be said about working with a coach who supports you on more levels than just one. Everything in our lives from our families to our businesses affect each other. When we are struggling in our personal lives, it affects our business as well! For this reason, it is so important to find someone who supports you in your relationships, your business, your personal development, and so much more!

Practice self-care even when you don’t want to and it’s hard.

I’m going to take a guess that when you’re busy, the very first thing to go is your time for yourself. How can you go for a run, meditate, or take a bath when you haven't cleaned the house in 3 weeks and you have tons of potential clients messaging you? It’s just not going to happen. Well let me just tell you - this might just be the most important thing you do in your daily life. Why? We cannot take care of others if we do not take care of ourselves first. So give yourself a little extra love. Do something that fills YOU up!