How to Stop Holding Yourself Back in your Business

Owning a business is life-changing. The opportunities that become available to us are ones that never could be possible if we didn’t dive into entrepreneurship…and the beautiful thing is as we grow, so do our opportunities. Our impact on the world expands. Our income explodes. Our days continue to feel more and more abundant. 

But what if your opportunities aren’t growing the way you want? 

Is it possible that something you’re doing is what’s holding you back in your business?


I have one word for you: fear.

Yup, you read that correctly. Fear is the #1 thing I see holding entrepreneurs back in their businesses. Now, hear me out…it is human nature to experience fear. And it’s also human nature to have strong reactions when we feel fear. In fact, when we are passionate about something, fear tends to come up more often. This is normal! So when it comes to your business, it makes sense to be fearful! Investing can be scary. Making big decisions can feel overwhelming.

Now here’s where that fear becomes a problem and holds you back from achieving everything you want…

Fear is a natural reaction that our bodies create to keep us safe. It’s also human nature to prefer discomfort than the mystery of the unknown. Think about that for a second…

We prefer to sit in a situation that makes us uncomfortable than dive into something with great potential that is unknown. 

Let that sink in…how many times have you seen friends stay in bad relationships that they know are unhealthy? Or how many times have you seen people complain about their jobs but hesitate to find a new one or start a business? Maybe you have a team member that doesn’t perform to standards but the idea of letting them go and finding a new one is overwhelming.

We all experience it. And here’s the problem…when we feel fear and then stay in our current circumstances because of it, nothing changes. Nothing changes if nothing changes, right? 😉 

So what do we do about it? 

To see change and experience results in your life and business, you have to feel the fear and do the scary thing anyway.  

Feel the fear and do it anyway. 

Trust your intuition, lean into your confidence, and take that next step, whatever it may be. Don’t run away from it. Do the scary thing. It’s hard, but hey – if it were easy, everyone would do it 😉  

 So here’s the most important thing to remember – when you feel fear coming up, you have a choice. You can allow it to step in, get in the way, and say “I’ll deal with this someday” OR you can treat it as a sign. Understand that even though you might not be 100% certain of the outcome, you’re going to trust yourself, make the scary decision, and reap the benefits because of it.

Fear is not a reason not to do something. It’s the exact opposite.

So make the investment. Launch the program. Whatever the fear is – feel it, honor it, thank it for being there, and then push it to the side so you can move through what it is that you want to be doing to achieve your goals.

You’ve got this.