5 Tips to Grow Your Email List

It’s no secret that email marketing is a necessity in online business. Social media is a great resource, but we shouldn’t put all our eggs in the social media basket.


Because we don’t own our profiles. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can all decide tomorrow to delete your profiles…and guess what…that would be within their right!

So why put your business results in their hands?! Good news for you – by leveraging platforms that you own, such as email marketing, it puts YOU back in the driver’s seat.

Today, I’m going to share 5 of my favorite tips to help you effectively grow your email list and in turn, sign more clients!

1. Create a Value Packed Freebie

Offering a value-packed freebie is a perfect exchange…you provide your ideal clients with some type of killer resource to help them and in exchange, they give you their email address!

There are countless businesses doing this already – how are you going to make your freebie stand out?! My rule of thumb to standing out is to do so by providing much more value.

What’s something that other people are charging for that you can offer for free? Rather than sharing 4 or 5 tips, can you share 50 tips? What can you do to make your offer stand out from the crowd?

2. Share the Link in Evergreen Places

I’m all about seeing results with less effort, so why not bring in new email subscribers on autopilot? Share the link to the sign up page in places like your bio on instagram, about section on your Facebook page, homepage on your website, etc.

This invites people to sign up for your freebie and email list as soon as they discover who you are! It’s front and center for them! 🙂 

3. Sell it Consistently Every Single Day! 

Some people might not be ready to download your freebie from your bio on instagram or your website. For that reason, we want to make sure we’re also selling it every day.

Yes, I said selling! 

Just because it’s a free resource, doesn’t mean people automatically want it! (think about free samples at mall kiosks – chances are, you don’t always want them just because they’re free!). Share openly about your value-packed freebie and invite people to grab a copy. Find a way to do this every single day!

4. Ask people to comment below rather than sharing the link in a post!

When you’re posting about your freebie on social media, make sure you’re inviting people to comment on the post if they’re interested in downloading it (and then you can reply to their comment) rather than posting the link in the original post. 


A few reasons – first, social media platforms will penalize your post if it has an external link. Facebook and Instagram don’t want members leaving their platforms – so if your web link is going to take people off the platform, it’s not going to be shown to as many people.

And second, every time someone comments on the post, it gets boosted. The algorithm is calibrated to show content that people enjoy…so the more engagement your post gets, the more people it will be shown to! 

5. Give People a Reason to Stay!

It’s not enough to get someone on your email list – we want to also give them a reason to stay. Here’s a few quick tips to incentivize them to stay (and read your emails) 

  • Make them feel welcome! Have some type of welcome sequence that introduces them to your brand and makes them feel important.
  • Don’t overwhelm them with an influx of emails. Do some market research to figure out how often your audience would like to hear from you via email and don’t exceed that frequency! (Typically, this will be between 1 and 3 times a week)
  • Continue to provide value. Don’t send emails just because you think you need to. Send emails that are packed with value so that your audience can’t resist opening and reading. This will help to build a relationship with them so when you do share your offers with them, they are ready and excited to hear about them!

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