Going From a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset

When running a business, we know how important mindset work is.

At least I hope we do. Unfortunately, we all come to this world ready to learn and society instills a fixed mindset in us. We’re little. We don’t know any different. So we grow up with these beliefs that simply aren’t true.

Your mindset is what determines whether you take a positive outlook or a negative one, whether you believe you can be successful or not, whether you have the belief in yourself or not. I try to think of the fixed mindset like our phones. Raise your hand if when your iPhone says it’s time for a software update, you update your phone. I’m betting you do. Why? Because when our phone has the most up-to-date software it can run at optimal potential. Our mindset is the same. If we continue to hold on to a fixed mindset, we’re not operating at our highest capacity. We’re working with old software that doesn’t quite work.

Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset

In order to be successful, we need to upgrade our mindset from the fixed one ingrained in us and move to a growth mindset.

So let’s talk about what the two are and see if you can recognize any of these thoughts in yourself. Like a Cosmo quiz, mark down which category you have more thoughts in.

A. I’m not good at this.

B. What am I missing?

A. This is too hard.

B. This will take time and effort.

A. She’s so smart. I can’t do that.

B. I’m going to figure it out.

A. If I fail, I’m a failure.

B. If I’m not failing, I’m not trying hard enough.

A. I only have a certain set of skills.

B. I can learn new skills and improve on the ones I have.

A. I should avoid challenges.

B. Challenges are opportunities to grow.

If you answered mostly A, then we need to work on your Fixed Mindset. A fixed mindset is when you believe you have finite success. You believe you are incapable of reaching insane success because it’s hard or near impossible. You may be doubting yourself a lot.

If you answered mostly B, congrats on being in a growth mindset! This takes some serious work and I’m really proud of you. You should be proud too.

Lets get down to Business

Now that we’ve had our fun, let’s get down to business (to defeat the Huns). How does one go from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset? Glad you asked babe. Here are my tips for transitioning your mindset so you can start playing big and stop making things harder for yourself.

1. Acknowledge

The very first thing we have to do is stop and acknowledge. We need to recognize those limiting beliefs and moments of self-doubt. If we can’t recognize the issue, we cannot solve the issue. Recognize the moments when self-doubt creeps in, give yourself grace for having those thoughts and then ask yourself if they’re true.

2. Learn

After you’ve acknowledged the less than stellar mindset you have, it’s time to learn. You’re going to need to retrain your brain. There’s a quote that says,  “the minute we stop learning, we begin death, the process of dying,” by Leo Buscaglia. We have to keep learning. The more we know, the better we do. We need to constantly be learning to grow in our mindset. When we have a fixed mindset, that’s it. We have reached a point that we cannot move forward from but when we learn and work on our mindset, we can do amazing things. Here’s the thing, at every level of life and business you will need to have a learning process for just your mindset. Every time you grow, new limiting beliefs will pop up. A fixed mindset will try to creep in. You cannot let that happen. You have to keep learning.

3. Embrace

You need to not only embrace success but failure. Every successful person has failed along the way. It is rumored that it took Walt Disney 302 tries before he got the financing he needed for Disney. 302! Have you been rejected 301 times and still kept going? How about Colonel Sanders. It’s believed his chicken recipe was shot down 1009 times. Michael Jordan didn’t make his high school basketball team. How many times have you embraced your “failures?” Take each failure as a moment to learn and grow.

In the same breath, embrace success. So many people reject success. There’s this limiting belief about success. What if I act differently? If I can’t maintain the success? What if others think poorly of me? There’s a whole host of reasons why you’d reject success. Figure out what that reason is, decide if that’s a fact or a belief you have and then move forward. Start celebrating every single win.

4. Celebrate others

A person with a fixed mindset, won’t celebrate others because they’re envious of their success. Start celebrating your fellow girl bosses. Just because they win doesn’t mean you lose. It doesn’t mean there is an opportunity for success for you. There is not a finite number of clients and every time she wins, she’s taking a piece of your success. We can all thrive. Can all work with dream clients. We can all be successful. So start celebrating babe.

Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset

If you’re struggling with your mindset, let’s talk. I have some open spots for my 1:1 and I would love to help you go from a fixed mindset to a growth one. When you change your mindset, both your life and business change. I promise.

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