Let’s Explore Business Investments

Starting a business takes a lot of passion and courage. It requires your time, your brainpower, and of course, money. Let’s explore those investments! Investing in yourself and your business not only helps you move your business forward, but it is also an indication of your beliefs surrounding the success of your business. Countless beginning entrepreneurs and small business owners hold back from investing in large investments to start a business. They doubt themselves and think, whether consciously or subconsciously, that holding back from large investments is a safer option just incase the business fails.

But what if it booms? What if you gain more customers and the demand for your business grows?What if your business takes off?

No Guts No Glory

By investing in your business, you are making an incredibly important commitment. When you have skin in the game, you are more inclined to put in more effort, time, and work to make the business succeed. When I started my business, I invested 15K in my first month. It was scary as hell and it gave me the confidence I needed to be able to say “This is going to work. I am not giving myself another choice!”. I didn’t let myself fail. And quite honestly, I attracted more clients because of my willingness to invest.


​I always had the support I needed to ensure my strategies were working and I was staying in a positive frame of mind. Clients can feel that energy. It’s just that simple.

So what if you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in your business in one month? What if the money is just not there yet? Guess what – you can STILL invest!

Is Investing on Credit Okay?

Borrowing money through bank loans, credit cards, and other financial institutions are perfect resources for expanding business ventures and upleveling yourself. Knowing your craft gives you confidence in what you do and potential clients will recognize the knowledge and skills that you have.

Remember how I invested 15K during my first month in biz?! Yeah, all of that was on my credit card.

Scary? YES!

Worth it? HELL YES!

So many people get freaked out, telling themselves they will not go into debt to start a business but let me tell you – it’s not a bad thing. Starting an online business is JUST like starting a brick and mortar business. If you start a brick and mortar clothing shop, you have to come up with the money to purchase the inventory, pay the rent, etc. until you start making profit. The same goes for online business – it is okay to invest! It is GOOD! That right there is one of the main differences between CEO business owners and side hobbyists. You have to continuously invest in yourself and your business to keep it growing. AND like me, you may be surprised that your business has grown faster than expected. Think about this – when you feel eager to expand and when clients are not pouring in, THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME for you to invest in your business and yourself.

What does coaching have to do with it? 

A coaching program for your business may be seen as a big investment. It’s money you’re going to shell out that you might never see again, right? WRONG!!! Having an expert who’s been there, done that, and worked with countless clients on the same thing, to guide and help you set up business strategies and marketing plans may actually be one of your smartest investments. It will help propel your business forward, help you grow your community, acquire new clients, serve the right people, and hit your income goals month after month.

Do you have a business coach on your team helping you grow your business? If not, it’s time to stop holding yourself back.

Close your eyes. Visualize where you want your business to be a month from now – 6 months from now – a year from now. Take a deep breathe.

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