I get Excited when People Unsubscribe

So many entrepreneurs will tell you the secret is in the email list.

It’s the personal space that potential clients allow you to speak to them in. Email is the one place where a lead is inviting you to get real, raw and vulnerable with them. It’s the place you’re most accessible, besides your actual clientele. It’s the place these leads go to really connect with you.

Having a massive email list is paramount to converting at the numbers you need to hit the income goals you have, right?

Not necessarily.

It’s more imperative to have an engaged list than a large one. That is why I get excited when people unsubscribe.

Let me tell you a funny story about my list.

I get excited when People Unsubscribe

I began my business as The Happiness Entrepreneur. I had over 2k unique people signed up for my email list. This list was amazing. Heck, some of you reading this are on that list.

That list helped me become a highly sought after coach.

I love the people on this list.

But then something in my business shifted. People started coming to me for business coaching after I scaled my business to six-figures so quickly and the word spread.

So happy to be making that shift.

I love serving my clients to help them implement the tools and strategies they need to hit those income goals while maintaining a happy lifestyle. I am after all still The Happiness Entrepreneur.

So when I made the pivot (yes, please tell me you read that in Ross Gellar’s voice) to business coaching, some of the people on my list didn’t really fit my new business.

Here’s the thing, that’s okay!

This doesn’t mean I no longer love them. It doesn’t mean I wish ill upon them and never seek to help them again.

It just means that what is aligned with my heart right now is not perfect for what is aligned with them at this moment and that’s okay.

My content now is all about growing and scaling businesses.

It’s all about creating a successful and sustainable multi-six-figure business, it’s about business finances, it’s about outsourcing work and it’s about CEO Mindset.

If you’re not a business owner, none of my content would be of much value to you. Please people unsubscribe.

​So call me crazy when I say I love it when people unsubscribe.

It means that they value their inbox and time. I would hate to send you content you didn’t want to see or wouldn’t be beneficial to you. There’s no purpose in that. There’s no reason for you to stay with me on my email list if I’m not bringing something to the table.

So many entrepreneurs I know get upset over the unsubscribes after each email. I celebrate it.

If you make it to the end of my email sequence, that means you truly want to be there and that I’m adding value to your business.

I only want people on the list I can truly help.

The more that people unsubscribe, the more aligned I am to my list. The more aligned we are as a unit, the more value I can provide you, and the more value I can provide that you truly want and need to propel your business.

Who doesn’t want to be more aligned and move the needle forward in their business?

So there’s my confession. I love the unsubscriber.

I get excited when People UnsubscribeGrab my 6 Steps to a 6 Figure Business Checklist, and discover how to have an abundant income faster than you can say “Pass the Rosé.”

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