How to Create More Content For Your Business

Let’s talk about how to create more (and better) content for your biz! Running an online business means you have to consistently be sharing content to reach your community and clients, right? Content is not JUST about the website you build or the social media platforms you create! It is what you write about, the discussions that bring you traffic, the messaging you are getting out to the world, and ultimately, how you are getting a community of loyal followers. A problem I see is that not many online entrepreneurs take the time to create valuable, meaningful content. I mean, it’s hard to always be writing more high-value content, right?? Hellloooooo overwhelm and writers block! To help you make content creation easier and more fun, I’ve created this list. So be sure to read through the list and apply it to your business. You will be amazed at how easily you are able to create content!

1. Ensure You Reserve Time Just For Content Creation!

There is something to be said for the productivity we have when we know there is a limited amount of time. What I mean by this is if you work on your content whenever you desire, it can feel overwhelming and it’s easy to get distracted. Say you dedicate one hour each Monday to content creation, it is likely that you will spend that hour buckled down and getting it done because you know it is your only time! Commit to this schedule and use the time intentionally.

2. Take Notes!

Why Relationships Are Crucial in BusinessIt can be challenging to come up with inspiration and ideas to write about when you are on the spot. Maybe you’ll sit down at the designated time to write some blog posts and social media marketing materials but you experience the worst writers block you can imagine! How do you overcome this?! Pay attention throughout the weeks when ideas come to you. I tend to have my best inspiration when I’m in the shower or getting in bed for the evening (crazy, I know!). When you find yourself having moments of inspiration, write down your thoughts. Whether you do it on sticky notes, your phone, or in a journal, make sure you get it out of your head and somewhere concrete. That way, when the time comes for you to write your materials for the week, you will be able to jog your memory with your notes. Before you know it, you will be sitting in a cloud of inspiration!

3. Vary your Content!

Variety is important for many reasons. First, having variety keeps people coming back for more. If you are always writing how-to lists, it is very likely that members of your community will get bored and will look for exciting support elsewhere. It also allows more people to connect to your messaging. Maybe one group of potential clients connect to your messages when you speak about your personal life and maybe another group connects more to the content you share that relates directly to your area of expertise. For this reason, I encourage my community to ensure you are embracing various types of content, from sales and teaching to connection and inspiration! 

4. Listen to your audience!

Fixed Mindset to a Growth MindsetThere are countless ways for you to receive feedback from your community, ranging from website plugins to creating your own polls! Engage with your audience, ask them what value they are gaining, what they want more of, and what they want less of. This will allow you to tailor your content and work specifically to what your audience is looking for. Some of the best content you will ever create will come from simple suggestions and ideas from your community themselves! So don’t ignore the comments and suggestions that you get. Even if you have a small audience, you will still get some great feedback and ideas for what type of content to create moving forward.

5. Write From Your Heart

Lesson Learned: Here’s to you Suzie!You don’t have to be a college graduate with a degree in English in order to create content that is exciting and effective. Your writing doesn’t need to be perfect. Your grammar doesn’t need to be perfect. What needs to be on point is your messaging. THAT is what must be authentic, thought out, and needs to give your client value. So always write from your heart. Share what you know. Give what you can from within yourself. You audience will love you for it.​​

Which of these 5 strategies are you most excited to implement in your business? Let me know in the comments!