Business Your Way with a side of Business Fundamentals

Do Business Your Way

How many times have you heard that when you start your business online, you need to post in three to five Facebook Groups three times a day and you need to do all the live streams, webinars, build your email list, get on Instagram, Pinterest, have a blog, etc.

We get into business because we have this vision of our lives and how they’re going to look. We envision how much time is spent on the business and in the business. Yes, there’s a difference.

So often when we dive into the online space, our vision sort of goes out the window because these online gurus are telling you what you “need to do” in order to thrive in this space.

Business Your Way with a side of Business Fundamentals, Brooke Schultz

Here’s the thing, you don’t need to do any of it.

Stick with me for a second.

All you need to do is what feels good to you.

Yes, you need to do activities that make you money but they need to be activities that are authentic to you.

If you don’t love Facebook groups, that’s okay. People have built businesses for thousands of years before Mark Zuckerberg entered the scene. Feel weird on camera but thrive in person? Great. Join a networking group locally.

There are so many things people tell you that you have to do but the truth is you don’t have to do any of it.

You’re in Charge

The beauty of owning your own business, means you get to decide how you run it. That means every single facet of your business. There are certain business fundamentals you need to do in order to run a business. Ask for the sale. Meet people. Make connections. But the way you go about making those connections and asking for the sale is entirely up to you.

I am a firm believer in pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone in order to grow but that doesn’t mean we compromise our entire essence.

Business Fundamentals

Some of the business fundamentals that are necessary:


Marketing can look however we want marketing to look as long as your audience resonates with it. If you hate live streams, it’s okay to not show up for a live stream but you have to market your business or else you have no business. You can decide if you do paid advertising or organic growth. You can decide to show up on Facebook, in Facebook groups, Instagram, Pinterest, email, local organizations, etc. It’s up to you to show up how you want. If you don’t feel good about the marketing, it’ll show. Your audience will feel it and not convert. It has to be authentic for you.


You have to make connections. I’ve talked before in a post about the connections you need to make in order to thrive. We need different types of relationships in business. How you form those connections is up to you. Build them in person or virtually. Set up coffee chats. Join a local networking group. It’s entirely up to you how you want to form new business relationships.


You have to make sales to have a business. Maybe asking for a sale is awkward for you and if it is, we should talk. Some businesses thrive entirely on passive income sales. Marie Forleo’s B-School is completely passive. There’s no sales call involved. There’s a purchase button and that’s about it. It’s a $2,000 program and there’s no sales call. You can run a business on sales funnels and passive income. But maybe you love getting on the phone and closing the deal. That’s okay too!

Use the Business Fundaments Your Way

We sometimes jump into this online space and try to mimic what other “successful coaches” are doing in order to maximize our success but that doesn’t work.

Your ideal client can tell when you aren’t being true to you and that won’t convert.

The point is that there is no right or wrong way to run your business.

You have to run your business the way that feels authentic for you and yields results!!! 

The reason you started a business is so you can live life on your terms. That includes the way you run your business.