Ahhhh the Beauty of Having Business BALANCE!

We talked last week about my favorite B word but it is such an important topic that I want to chat about it again this week!

It is so important to feel balanced in our lives and businesses, right?!

We need to take care of so many things from our families to our businesses! It is so easy to talk about how you need more balance in your life but it’s another thing to actually FIND that balance. And let me just say - when we are lacking balance in our lives, it puts our happiness on the back burner! It’s so hard to feel AUTHENTICALLY happy when we don’t know which way is up, right?! 

Think about it - how often does your brain go a million miles a minute?

You need to cook healthy meals for the kids. You need to get a marketing schedule figured out to bring in your clients. You need to reach out to your current clients. But wait, the house needs to be cleaned. And now the dog is barking.

Entrepreneur business balance & life


So. Darn. Overwhelming.

It’s time to stop the craziness!

I’ve talked a lot recently about a variety of tools that can help us find balance in our lives but I want to to talk to you about one tool in specific that is INSTRUMENTAL when it comes to finding balance and long-term happiness.


Yep, you read that correctly, I’m talking about journaling.

Maybe you’re rolling your eyes because you’ve tried journaling and are not convinced it’s for you and let’s be honest, you just HATE writing. 

 And where the heck is there time in your life for journaling?! If this sounds like you, trust me when I tell you that was me not too long ago. I HATED journaling! When I first tried to journal, I found it to be incredibly annoying.

It took time that I did not have, I didn’t really understand the benefits of it, and I didn’t even know where to start. I would sit and stare at a blank page, would get overwhelmed and frustrated, and would slam the journal shut. That was my typical journaling routine.

My Business Balance & Life Today

Fast-forward to today: Journaling makes me SO. INCREDIBLY. HAPPY. Seriously.

Journaling = happiness.

But here’s the catch - understanding how to journal is the most powerful thing. Without a good understanding and proper structure, it is hard to make journaling fun and meaningful. But once you are able to clarify how to make journaling impactful for you, it will change your life and your business. I know it has changed mine. It makes me feel good and helps me maintain a balanced life!

I now have balance in my life

I feel more centered.

My business runs more smoothly.

I am HAPPIER (yes, - journaling makes me happier)

To those who have tried journaling and didn’t like it, have never tried journaling at all, are newbie journalers, don’t know how you’ll fit journaling in your life, or simply want to find more balance and happiness - you need to get your hands on my 365 day journal, 365 Days of Happiness. ​​​​This journal includes prompts for every single day of the year, tools to help you build consistent performance, and support to help you along the journey. Grab it here!