4 Ways You Can Make a Sale Today

It’s no secret that without sales, we’re running an expensive side hobby. And that sounds great but sometimes, it can feel hard to make those sales, right? Would you believe me if I told you it didn’t have to be hard to make sales? Would you believe me if I told you that you could make daily high-ticket sales with ease? 

Because you can. 

Read through these 4 things you can do today to start bringing in those sales!! And then let me know in the comments which you’re going to implement today!

#1 Write a sales post and share it on one of your social media platforms⁠

It is common for entrepreneurs to put our pricing on their websites and then never to ask for another sale. What I like to remind my clients is that 99% of people aren’t going looking for your programs. It’s when they come across it that they remember “damn, I could really use what she is offering”. The best way to ensure this happens is to write sales posts and share it on social media! Invite people to take the next step with you and let them know how they can do it!

#2 Send an email to your list letting them know what you’re offering and how they can sign up

Posting to social media is one tactic you can use to make a sale and so is sending an email to your list! Sometimes, our clients aren’t able to see our social media posts (whether it’s due to the algorithm or their busy schedule) and sending an email guarantees that they will hear what we have to say! So just like you want to be sure to invite people to take the next step and share with them how to do it on social media, you want to be sure to do the same thing via email! 

#3 Follow up with someone who has expressed interest in working with you⁠

It is so important to be organized enough that you know who has expressed interest in working with you. That way, you can get to know them better, continue to nurture the relationship, and when it’s the right time, you will be able to serve them! 

Remember, sales is an act of service. When we are not selling or are afraid to ask for the sale, we are doing our audience a disservice. So get out there and reconnect with someone who needs your services!!! Don’t be shy and ask them if they’re ready. You’ll be shocked at how far the effort goes.

#4 Go live on Facebook to teach on a particular topic and then discuss your paid program at the end as well as how viewers can sign up

Nothing grabs our audience faster than providing knowledge! It can grow your business exponentially to embrace their thirst for knowledge and jump on live to TEACH! Towards the end of the live training, you can tell them about your program and let them know how they can sign up! 

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