10 Tools I Can’t Live Without in my Business

Running an online business takes lots of online programs and software, but how do you know where to start?! Below is my list of the 10 tools that I use every single day in my business and honestly can’t live without!!!!

1. Canva

To keep it simple, Canva is a simplified Photoshop! I use it to make all of my social media graphics as well as my slides for webinars and courses! There is a free version, but I highly recommend the paid membership! It makes it significantly more customizable, giving you more flexibility with your brand!

2. ThriveCart

This is where my clients submit their payments. Personally, I love that ThriveCart is easy to use and doesn’t have a monthly fee! There are countless competitors, including Moonclerk, SamCart, and Paypal, but I will forever be a ThriveCart loyalist!

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3. Facebook

It’s no secret that a business cannot grow without relationships!! Social media is one of the easiest ways to connect with your target audience and build relationships with them. Facebook is filled with countless groups so we can connect with like-minded folks, business pages, and so much more!!!

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4. Instagram

The ‘gram is arguably my favorite social media platform!!! It is so easy to get lost in an aimless scroll (which is nice when you’re laying by the beach on a Saturday) but it’s also a wonderful way to grow your audience, connect with your audience, and show more of your life/business than you can on any other platform! While I love to schedule my posts using Later, I love taking time to pop on every day to engage with my audience. It’s a true must for me!

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My website is hosted on wordpress and I use it for so many things – my website pages itself, sales pages, blog posts, etc. There are so many different website builders, including, Squarespace, and Wix and I am so happy with my choice of WordPress! IMO, it’s the most versatile, relatively easy to use, and is the most scalable. 

6. Dubsado

Dubsado is my favorite platform EVER. It is where my clients schedule calls, where tons of my automation is done (I create & use workflows that send emails so I don’t have to manually do everything), where I send contracts, and sooooooo much more. Seriously, check it out.

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7. Asana 

Asana is a great task management site to help you manage your team easier (and manage your own too!!!). It’s super affordable and you can start out with the free version (which is pretty darn versatile)! 

8. Voxer

I like to describe Voxer as being a mix between text messaging and walkie-talkies. It’s my favorite way to chat with my clients between our calls and I check it around 3 times a day very easily from my phone!

9. Google Drive

I use drive for SO much (it’s slightly ridiculous)…brain dumping in docs, emails in mail, client file sharing in docs, organization in sheets, the list goes on! I LOVE it!

10. Zoom

I host all of my calls in zoom! It’s a great place for coworking with friends, client calls, group calls (group coaching, team, etc.), webinars, and so much more!

And there ya have it! The 10 tools I actually cannot run my business without!!!

Let me know in the comments which of them you’re the most excited to check out 🙂