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With so many coaches, courses, and trainings sharing vague solutions, exhausting strategies, and dare I say gatekeeping information that's readily available on google, it can feel overwhelming to see the results you crave + quite frankly, deserve. 

this stops now.

I’m not your average coach.

But then again, I’ve always defied the odds and done things a bit differently.

Instead of doing what I was told in graduate school and getting a 9-5 to ultimately climb the corporate ladder, I did what I wanted and started my own business.

Rather than working behind a desk 40 hours/week, I work from home for 20.

Oh, and did I mention that I made my first $100K in my early 20’s?

Instead of giving you small nuggets of wisdom to help you grow your business slowly, I prefer to give you the whole cake (and you get to eat it too!).

I’ll share with you everything I’ve done, and continue to do, to create my own successes. Plus, I’ll walk with you hand-in-hand so you can build your dream business.

I’m here to help ensure that you get everything you’ve ever wanted from your business – the 5 figure months, the 6-figure years, the amazing community, the time freedom, the happiness, the fulfillment…all of it.

You deserve to run a business that lights you the EFF UP – without feeling like you want to pull your hair out to do it. 

hi, i'm brooke!

Full-time Mama and CEO.

After hustling hard to get my masters degree and receiving job offers for no more than $45K, I knew there had to be more for me out there.

That’s when I started my own business and that same year, I had made my first 100K.

Now, I’m the CEO of a fully-booked coaching business. 

I live in sunny South Florida where you can find me cooking, adventuring with my little one, doing CrossFit, cuddling my pup Sophie, and teaching women how to build businesses that allow them to do the same!

If this is possible for me, you better believe it’s possible for you too.

More About Brooke

"What I love most about Brooke is her tenacity and ambition. Brooke is an anomaly in the best way possible. Before 25 she was running her own six-figure business and if that isn’t inspiring, I’m not sure what is. I could not be prouder to call her a friend, mentor, business collegue, etc. Hiring her is without a doubt a smart move!"

- Ashley Price


"Brooke is so knowledgeable, gets straight to the point, and I would sign up to work with her again in a heartbeat! I’ve raised my prices and doubled how many clients I have! I am more confident in myself and my business and think everyone should work with Brooke!"

- Care Mastin

Business Coach

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